Entry #1

DeviantART, Instagram, and YouTube!

2014-02-19 00:31:56 by ShadowNinjaIke

        Hey, hey, hey! It's Ike here. I just wanted to tell y'all that I have other (more active) accounts for my art.

First up is my most active; DeviantART. Hit me up over here ---> http://pyrodianbrony.deviantart.com to see my latest art!

Next up is my YouTube account. Now, I'll tell ya, I don't exclusively upload art. I also don't upload too often. Nevertheless, check it out, if you will! ---> http://youtube.com/user/ikemaster300

Third, I have an Instagram. I post lots of art here, but keep in mind this also doubles as a personal account. I may make a seperate art account, but I'm not sure if I will. Either way, here it is:

---> http://instagram.com/pyrodianbrony


Also, I just wanted to say: You may see me everywhere else as "Pyrux" or "PyrodianBrony". But on brony affiliated sites I'm Pyrux. If it's not mentioned here, it's not me.

This Newgrounds account is very old, and I was obsessed with ninjas and Ike from Fire Emblem. I hate my account name -.-"


    Have a nice day, everyone!


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2014-03-03 20:49:48

You do a lot of stuff.

ShadowNinjaIke responds:

Yes, yes I do. heh


2015-07-10 15:35:28

New account here :0)