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Entry #1

DeviantART, Souncloud, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube!

2/19/14 by ShadowNinjaIke
Updated 3/4/14

        Hey, hey, hey! It's Ike here. I just wanted to tell y'all that I have other (more active) accounts for my art.

First up is my most active; DeviantART. Hit me up over here ---> to see my latest art!

Next up is my YouTube account. Now, I'll tell ya, I don't exclusively upload art. I also don't upload too often. Nevertheless, check it out, if you will! --->

Third, I have an Instagram. I post lots of art here, but keep in mind this also doubles as a personal account. I may make a seperate art account, but I'm not sure if I will. Either way, here it is:


After that is my Tumblr: --->

Lastly we have Souncloud. I have a free album in the making, it's a bunch of neat dubstep (and other genres) remixes! --->


Also, I just wanted to say: You may see me everywhere else as "Pyrux" or "PyrodianBrony". I prefer Pyrux. This Newgrounds account is very old, and I was obsessed with ninjas and Ike from Fire Emblem. I hate my account name -.-"


    Have a nice day, everyone!


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You do a lot of stuff.

3/4/14 ShadowNinjaIke responds:

Yes, yes I do. heh